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A Proud Dad says....

Over the years, our children have benefited greatly from their teacher.  Clara has helped them to build a solid foundation in music and gives them an advantage in their future studies.  Ms. Clara has great passion in piano and she genuinely enjoys music.  She organizes musical events, from small ensembles to sizable concerts regularly, and invites musicians of various instruments and her student to perform.  She seeks every opportunity to have the youngsters showcase what they have learned in front of audiences, parents or strangers, to help them build their confidence.  The children have grown and learned to appreciate the beauty of music.

A Happy Mom says....

Clara is an excellent teacher and musician. Both of my sons very much enjoyed their lessons with Clara.  Clara was always very patient and kind with the boys.  She motivated them to learn and progress in the 3 years she taught them.  As a parent, I find that she’s energetic, enthusiastic, loves what she does and is always a pleasure to deal with.  

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